Founded the first wholesale/retail center in 1996. Incorporated the company in 2003 and expanded the business. As of now 30 branches are operating with 150 full-time employers.


Everyone in Myanmar can own an elegant yet practical bag for everyday use with affordable prices. ——————————————————————–


To fill the gap between “Brands Vs No Brands”. Fashion changes all the times. Ladies from Myanmar should always catch up with the latest trend.

Our Bag Collections

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Shiroi Bara

"Shiroi - the king of colors that represents Purity, Honesty, Good Health and Pride. That is the color of white.

Bara - the Queen of flowers that respresents Courage, Strength, Correctness, Beauty and Gentleness. That is the flower of Rose.

The branded bags collection of Shiroi Bara is made in Japan. It started production in 2013 with highest Japan technology and good reputation. "